When I ask folks what their biggest challenge is with learning Spanish, most reply that it’s listening to spoken Spanish.

Below are Episode 1 of three different educational TV series aimed at learners of Spanish.  I enjoyed watching them and I think you will too.


This is a short series of only 3 episodes, but it was by far my favourite, I loved watching it, it’s very funny.  Each episode teaches a grammar concept within the development of the story.  Episode 1 discusses SER and ESTAR.



A few years ago the UK television station, Channel 4, made this Spanish sitcom in order to help UK high school students with their Spanish studies.  There are 13 episodes in total.



This series has 68 episodes!  Each is about 25-35 minutes long and covers a topic of grammar which is recapped at the end of the episode.

This series needs more concentration than the other two, but it’s well worth watching.

Paul arrives from Holland and moves in with some artists to share their interesting home.  He starts to take Spanish lessons.


Please let me know if you have any favourites on YouTube, I would love to include them into this post.