The verbs soler and acostumbrar are both used to talk about things that happen regularly.


Soler is a radical changing verb, which means that it changes quite a bit when conjugated:

suelo                                                                                     solemos

sueles                                                                                    soléis

suele                                                                                      suelen

It is always followed by an infinitive verb so we use it as follows:

Soler + infinitive verb

Hoy en día no es algo que solemos tener en la casa.

Nowadays it isn’t something we usually have in the house.

Suelo comer pescado todos los viernes.

I usually eat fish every Friday.

Los niños suelen jugar en la playa.

The children usually play on the beach.


acostumbro                                                                        acostumbramos

acostumbras                                                                      acostumbráis

acostumbra                                                                        acostumbran

In Spain it is always followed by ‘a’ plus an infinitive verb so we use it as follows:

Acostumbrar + a + infinitive verb.

Acostumbra a leer el periódico mientras come.

He usually reads the paper while he eats.

Mi abuelo acostumbra a tomar un vino con la comida.

My grandfather usually drinks wine with his meal.

In Latin America it is only followed by an infinitive verb so we use it as follows:

Acostumbrar + infinitive verb.

No acostumbro comer conejo.

I’m not used to eating rabbit.

Eva acostumbra levantarse temprano.

Eva is in the habit of getting up early.



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